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I am inspired a lot by Mill Mercantile, not only because I work there, but because the women/companies I get to work with absolutely know their stuff when it comes to clothing. As for things that are specifically “me” I don’t think I have any one thing, I like what I like!

Hi all! So, a separate book tumblr is in the works! Essentially it will be a mishmash of original posts and then things I find and love, etc.

BUT what I would love is any kind of feed back from you guys on what you would like to see or have me post. Anything at all! Let me know. xo


I wish! I’ve been wanting to get a bit into watercolor, so stay tuned!


Normally none, although I’m always a sucker for a good striped sock.


Do you ever just sit and stare at your bookshelf and take out your favorite books and feel the covers and slide them back on the shelf or is that just me

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